ACRT Chainsaw Handbook book design, digital illustration

Melanomaly book design, typography, design research

Ciriaco product design and development
Kering Annual Report UX/UI design

CFDA colOURS fashion design research 


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Melanomaly was my submission for admission into the International Society for Typographic Designers.  My goal was to use borrowed copy to create a coffee-table-style book concerned with skin cancer in black people that encourages tactile exploration. Using solely typography, my book simultaneously tells two narratives: a scientific factual narrative and a personal anecdotal narrative. After months of typographic research, I created a mockup of my book. It was accepted by ISTD and I am now permitted to use the post-nomial MISTD as recognition for admission. 

Below: I spliced copy from scientific research findings (bottom portion) and a personal testimony of cancer survival (top portion) to create an impactful message.

Below: I identified three research directions for my concept.

Below: For each concept, I developed a small specific moodboard with key words to guide my research.

Below: Pictured are a few sketches of page layouts (left), photography exploration  developed a small specific moodboard with key words to guide my research.

(above) A mini mockup of the book. (below) A full-size mockup of the book. 

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