ACRT Chainsaw Handbook book design, digital illustration

Melanomaly book design, typography, design research

Ciriaco product design and development
Kering Annual Report UX/UI design

CFDA colOURS fashion design research 


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My first project with Ashley Ciriaco was Ciriaco Magazine in Fall 2020.  It was an Instagram campaign to introduce the Ciriaco aesthetic featuring copy from Ciriaco’s various press coverages. I became her on-call content creator, then her on-call graphic designer, and now her part-time product developer. The following are some of our favorite projects. 

Below: Our first project, Ciriaco Magazine. 

Below: Ciraco Summer supported the launch of the Ciriaco Sports Baguette on Instagram. Analog paper collages were combined with the Ciriaco Summer mark made in Blender. 

Below: Here is some of the development and photography of  bags I designed. The bags are available internationally at Kith and Atmos.