ACRT Chainsaw Handbook book design, digital illustration

Melanomaly book design, typography, design research

Ciriaco product design and development
Kering Annual Report UX/UI design

CFDA colOURS fashion design research 


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ACRT Chainsaw Handbook

Left: the cover for the 2023 version
Right: the 2005 version next to the 2023 version.

ACRT Arborist Training, an operating company of ACRT Services, was looking to update their 2005 Chainsaw Safety Handbook during a significant cost-cutting year. I was chosen to lead and manage the in-house re-design project. Over several months, I created technical illustrations, designed book layouts, type-set, and ran printing tests while working with copy-writers and printing houses. In March, we delivered Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance to pre-ordering customers, a precursor to the up-coming Line Clearance Manual that we’re currently developing. 

Below: Pictured is the 2023 chainsaw hazard spread on top of the 2005 chainsaw hazard spread.

Below: The small images of chainsaw parts in the 2005 edition are replace in 2023 by a large double page image. The labels in the images now correspond to the relevant terminology listed on the following pages, adding context to what would otherwise be a list of definitions. 

Above and below: The labels on the chainsaw double page image, now correspond to relevant terminology listed on the following definitions page, affording the reader greater context.  

Above: Elements are included at actual size for greater utility when the handbook is referenced in the field.